Sometimes I feel...

I'm nothing compared to what I want to be.
I'm imperfect!
My hair doesn't always falls exactly into place.
My eyeliner tends to be a smudge off.
I don't think I'm ugly but I'm nothing close to beautiful.
I'm not deeply depressed.
But sometimes I just can't find the bright side.
I'm tired of the days where the sun is bright expecting me to shine like it.
I have expectations for myself that I cannot live up to.
I just want to take a walk in the rain, blast music in my ears and forget.
Start out fresh
Become something different
Anything but me

4 comentários:

Nokas disse...

Sentimentos puramente humanos...

Sexy na Cidade disse...

concordo com a Nokas =)


Isabel Gomes disse...

Muitas vezes também me sinto assim!


Pollykc disse...

oh... todos nos sentimos assim, às vezes :)